For the past twenty years, as I raised four children, I have been an office nomad, trekking from project to contract to grant to stipend to contract again. I have been offered cubicles, squatted in corner offices and have been unceremoniously kicked out after hanging a Botticelli print. As a reporter and writer, I have conducted interviews in airport coffee shops, broken-down buses, while walking in Russian parades, and on West Africa’s beachfront.

Somehow, and for people who know me well, this may come as a surprise, I have yet to lose more than a few pens along the way. But it has always been an ordeal to wear my office on my back and in my head and I have long fantasized of having a stable place I could just WorkAway.

For the past eight years, I have had one of those friends who is also a colleague, and a confidante and we participate heartily in each other’s daily comedies. My neo-Luddite family has used her printers for eight years. She works at my dining room table sometimes. Occasionally we would work together at a café. We drink each other’s coffee.

One day—to me it seems like three days ago, that’s how fast Susan works—there was Eureka, and we realized we should have our own Coworking space. I truly believe as more and more of the workforce joins the gig economy, this megatrend will continue to replace more traditional offices. The perks of all these contemporary work Yurts include referrals, mentoring, business and writing coaching, and above all camaraderie and community.

So it makes a kind of joyful sense that Susan Glosby and I would open a Coworking space together. Susan, a longtime business coach and franchise development expert, has helped mentor this cerebral writer and editor into more practical spaces.

And with record-breaking speed, here we are with our own Coworking space that we want to share with you.

Come WorkAway with Us.

Nora FitzGerald



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