If you are like most small business owners, freelancers and consultants, you’ve been using January to update vital documents like your marketing strategy. Rightfully so, but it is also important to refresh the smaller things that are just as likely to open the door to new clients -- like your elevator pitch.

Why the elevator pitch? Whether you meet a prospective client face-to-face or they scan your website’s “about page”, the first few seconds are essential for inspiring confidence. Let’s take a look at how you can perfect your pitch.

What goes into an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief summary about you, your business and the value you bring to customers and clients. Ideally, a compelling elevator pitch will do the following.

1. Explain Your Motivation: Simon Sinek, creator of The Golden Circle, is responsible for popularizing the idea that people buy why you do rather than what you do. If the level of service and price are equal among competitors, customers will select the company with an inspired vision. Here is the “why” that drives us at WorkAway:

“We know that businesses and solopreneurs thrive when they have the space and community to collaborate and share ideas.”

2. Explain Your Service or Product Offering: Now you should discuss the details about your service or products. Here is a snapshot of the services WorkAway provides:

“Our services aim to make this collaboration possible by offering everything an entrepreneur needs for success. Our amenities include high-speed internet, communal work space and dedicated desks, professional workshops and networking events, as well as business services.”

3. Explain Your Services Benefit: Next, it's time to drive home how your service is valuable to customers. Here is the value we bring to our members at WorkAway:

“People who cowork report they are more productive and thriving at a higher level than their peers due to the collaborative environment, resulting in contacts, referrals, and expanded skill sets.”

4. End With Your Differentiator: Finally, make your company memorable by highlighting what distinguishes you from competitors. At WorkAway, we pride ourselves on:

“We are the first coworking space in our area, helping to bring the largely urban concept to suburban neighborhoods where collaboration may be hard to find.”

5. Bring it All Together: As you answer the questions above, don’t just jam them together in a single statement and call it good. Be sure to add a little polish at the end. Here is our formal elevator pitch:

“At WorkAway, we believe in the benefits of building a community and sharing ideas within a collaborative environment. We offer high-speed internet, communal work space and dedicated desks, amenities and workshops. Our guests report higher productivity while coworking.  As the first coworking space in our area, we are excited to bring the largely urban concept to suburban neighborhoods where collaboration may be hard to find.”

You can practice your perfect pitch anytime you bump into an acquaintance in the elevator, at the gym, in a restaurant. 

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