Since the coworking movement has gained momentum, researchers have noted that many of us feel better--less lonely, and more productive--than before we started coworking. Isolation is one of the things we like least about working at home. The collaborative nature of these spaces has a way of energizing and focusing even the most distracted. We share sources and root for each other.

It’s no secret that freelancing or working remotely can remove some of the spontaneous mingling or happy hours that come with company life. Conversely, coworking expands social networks as much as professional ones, studies show.

In a recent Harvard Business Review report,

  • 79% said coworking has expanded their social networks.
  • 82% reported that coworking has expanded their professional networks.
  • Most also reported they can concentrate better due to fewer distractions than working from home or in coffee shops.

Coworkers report greater levels of well being and less loneliness: The same HBR study found “working alone together” has more benefits than we’d imagined:

  • 89% report they are happier since they began coworking
  • 83% report they are less lonely since joining a coworking space
  • 80% reported that working in a coworking space improved their work engagement and motivation.

Workers are more likely to feel as if they are thriving in a coworking space more often than employees in typical offices.  Why? Members of coworking spaces see their work as more meaningful, with more cooperation and less competition than in traditional offices.

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