Name: Christopher Guzman          Age: 25

Occupation: Owner of Sozilla Digital online marketing agency


Hobbies:  playing basketball, playing Fortnite, hanging out with friends and family.

Goals:  I would like to have 3-4 successful companies by the age of 30. And help hundreds of business owners thrive and succeed, whether that’s through marketing campaigns or simply words of inspiration.

How does co-working help you attain these? Co-working helps me connect with business owners/freelancers and understand their pain points in their current business. I then help them with some pointers on how to promote their company online.

Tell us a little more about yourself: All my life I’ve been an entrepreneur, from selling Pokemon cards and candy bars to mowing people’s lawns and shoveling their snow, to now owning a steadily growing online marketing agency.

When did you first try coworking?  I first tried co-working back in 2017.  Why?  I would much rather be working in a dynamic atmosphere and have the ability to side chat with other people similar to me. You can learn so much from another person in the office!

What do you like most about co-working?  I like socializing with other people. I find it boring being in an office alone. I feel like I have flexibility with coworking without leaving a major dent in my wallet.

How has co-working changed your work habits or benefitted you?  I used to  work from home and there were so many distractions. Dogs barking, the sound of lawn mowers. Looking at my comfy bed and how much I would like to lay down and do nothing.  I feel a lot more productive here!

What do you hope to achieve through coworking?  I hope to onboard more clients so that I can be one of the top agencies in the area. I want to show business what I can do for them and give results.  And having a place where I can be productive is where it all begins! I invite anyone to a free consultation with me to see if they’re ready to REALLY bring some new customers online. It goes beyond simply having a website. We’ll uncover what they’re top competitors are doing online to bring them business. 

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