It’s already late November, and for most of us, our routine reset is well in place. In fact it’s so well in place that we are working 50 to 70 hours a week to try and meet the deadlines that are increasingly imminent.

November-December is such a dense forest of work that it may be almost impossible to step back and reflect on the work you are doing.

At WorkAway, we think it’s important to take time now to reflect on what you’re doing more than ever. As Bruno Mars says, “Stop. Wait a Minute.”

But How?

One of the great things about coworking is that we can often run ideas, conclusions or work plans by fellow coworkers—who are not colleagues in the same company. It can be so refreshing when you share an office with people whose vision may have a different orbit than your own.

A fresh answer to “What do you think about this approach I’m taking on this project?” can make all the difference when your head has been in your laptop too long.

These are the autumnal days to take a crisp walk with a colleague, have a spontaneous meetup, or just ask someone to take a look at your storyboard.

Stop by and see us for a new vantage point! Take a Minute and Take a Tour! 2019 is around the bend.

Yours in coworking,

Susan and Nora

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