It's another new year!  For many it is a time of new beginnings and renewed energy but the idea of resolutions can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get 2018 off to a great start!

  • Instead of making a resolution for the whole year, what is something you can do this month that will help you move your business forward, your job forward, or get you started with something new?
  • Share your goal with a friend or colleague.  This increases your acountability and the likelihood of achieving your goal but also gives you a chance to get feedback and ideas.  
  • What do you need to accomplish each week to reach that goal by the end of the month?  What can you do each day?
  • Schedule it in your calendar and make time for it.  Set reminders on your phone.
  • Evalutate your success at the end of the month and start the process again!

Whatever your work owner, consultant, remote worker, side hustler...there are goals to be set and success to go after.  At WorkAway, we are here to help you reach your goals by providing a space, collaboration and resources for you to grow your business and grow yourself in your field.

If you haven't stopped by yet, come in for a visit!  We will give you a tour, introduce you around, and help you get your 2018 off to a great start!  To help you get started, click here for a free day pass!

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