Here at WorkAway, we are over-the-moon excited about resetting our routines this September. Summer has its joy and wonder, but for many of us, disruption of routine leads to some dip in productivity.

Today, the pencils are sharpened. Bring Fall On. Some of our members have returned from vacation, while one has reappeared to brighten our afternoons after just moving house. A few of us are finishing the college runs—trunks full of laptops, comforters, pillows, books, art supplies and ramenall safely delivered. One of our members has moved to Korea for a new adventure, while another one starts this week.

If you aren’t yet ready for fall, we would like to share some Routine Reset Hacks from our members:

  • If you don’t already make time to exercise in the morning, park .5 miles from your office. (One problem, .5 miles from WorkAway is the enticing Swiss Bakery. Oh Well!)
  • Complete your most difficult and concentrated tasks in the morning; conduct more meetings in the afternoon.
  • If you are a remote worker, solopreneur, consultant, or just feel you are working haphazardly at home, join a coworking space!
  • Check your email once in the morning, at lunch and in the afternoon. While colleagues with urgent tasks can text IF URGENT.
  • Add a fun 20-minute activity to your evenings that you don’t normally do or achieve.
  • Keep a journal, tablet or book by your bed; try not to fall asleep with your phone on your face. You’re Welcome!

One final note: This is our second autumn and we couldn’t be prouder. We have learned so much about the benefits of coworking and our community is growing: We’ve shared clients and referrals, helped each other with small hacks, built better resumes, conducted crash courses in content strategy, software development and accounting, all while keeping the coffee grinder ON.

How are you resetting your routine? Would you like to try coworking? We’d love to hear from you.

Susan and Nora

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