We’ve all heard the trials and tribulations about starting a new business: roller coaster ride, high anxiety, lower lows, new tension, no sleep.... Then there are the delusions of grandeur cut by episodes of self loathing, which are forgivably short because there is too much to do….

At WorkAway Solutions, starting our business was all those things, of course. But it is so much more!

We are just one year in, and we are well on our way to becoming a community of practice, a place for dream work, a network of accountability, a start-up support system and idea incubator, and other aspirations we don’t yet know! We are serving an underserved community, where coworking is fairly new--even unheard of. Yet not surprisingly, it is our first-year members--Chris, Calvin, Jonathan, Meybel, Tania, Allison, Lee, Arif, Chris2, Jeff, Margo, Jeff--and all our wonderful drop-ins and conference room regulars, who have taught us how to create and develop a coworking space. Thank you all so much for your faith and inspiration.

We are so excited about year two, as we watch our members’ creative endeavors and businesses grow. If you haven’t dropped in to our world, where a shared vision has become a reality, make it part of your plan! The first visit is always on us. We’re here to stay.

Yours in community,

Susan and Nora

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