At WorkAway Solutions, we started 2019 with a bang--we rang in our new year with a fast and fabulous demolition and buildout! Members have commented on our growing energy as the space evolves as “ours” and we move forward in our individual goals, together.

Coworking is still confusing to some people. But it is simple if you live it; we share a workspace and values of mutual respect and community as well as focus and concentration. Even though we may work in different fields, we are cooperative and grow to have a certain stake in each other’s success.

One year in, WorkAway is home to a business development expert, a fitness coach, cybersecurity specialists, a writer and editor, a manufacturer representative, software developers and several startups. Our needs are all a little different, which is why we have a conference/ team room, a community area with standing and sitting desks and tables for work spreading, a couch and chairs for meet and greets and a kitchen area for noshing.

But the buildout brought us another option for those of us who engage in international virtual meetings. Modular walls and glass panels have created a new look and feel for these private office spaces that folks also needed. The new offices are adjacent to the community for those who need both privacy and coworking.

Just one year in, we couldn’t be prouder of this development and the encouragement and constant support of our amazing members. What is coworking? We discover it everyday. Want to join us? 2019 couldn’t find a better work home.


Yours in CoWorking,


Susan and Nora

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