Finances Without Fear: Bookkeeping and Accounting for the Self-Employed

This seminar is a must for entrepreneurs, freelancers, network marketers and startups!  

Are you self-employed or starting a business and confused about taxes? 
Are you nervous about what expenses you can actually deduct? 
Are you paying too much to the IRS because your records aren’t solid?
Do you know your reporting requirements? 

You will learn that your numbers aren’t scary! Learn our tips to accurately track your expenses and start on the good habits that you should be using. Your business absolutely can have a strong financial backbone, and we will help. 

Topics we will cover:
“Accounting” and “bookkeeping” and why they are critical;
How to accurately track your expenses;
Top deductions you should be taking but probably aren’t;
Understanding financial statements and their importance to your business, regardless of size; and
Time for Q&A.


Allison Kelly, CPA is passionate about empowering others to get a grip on their wallet. She is the creator of the Finances Without Fear seminar series, providing customized training for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Allison combines her 28 years of experience with a witty, entertaining style to deliver practical advice on taxes, recordkeeping and business improvement. On evenings and weekends you will find her supporting her kids at sports, or at a Washington Capitals game with her husband of 18 years.

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